Hanes Men’s Black Crew Socks

Hey, maybe you’re getting tired of those plain ole white socks you’ve been wearing since you were a little boy. It’s fine. We all get tired of wearing the same thing all the time. Try Hanes men’s black crew socks to switch things up a bit. The nice thing about these is they look better with certain shorts if you’re not into ankle socks or no-show socks. Let’s face it. Sporting white socks just looks dorky sometimes. We’ve all seen the guy who wears his white socks pulled up to compensate for tiny shorts. At that point it’s time for pants, right?

Hanes Men's Black Crew SocksAnother thing that’s great about these black crew socks is they benefit people who need to wear dress socks on a daily basis. Dress socks are thin, they don’t offer much cushion, and they can make your feet feel sweaty and gross within an hour. Nobody wants that. Hanes men’s black crew socks are made with mostly cotton and polyester, so they’re soft and they still breathe. Plus they’re black (of course) so they can sub in for your pantyhose-like dress socks. Go to the meeting with more comfort while knowing if someone sees your socks they won’t be able to tell they’re just normal socks…unless you’re sitting and you wear very short pants and someone looks very close at your ankles. You shouldn’t wear pants that short and they shouldn’t do that anyway.

So to sum up this great piece of literature we can conclude that white socks can be dorky at times and that dress socks can be forgotten. Hanes men’s black crew socks are the answer to both.


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